Wire Harnesses

Wire Harnesses

Assembly Masters custom manufactures the highest quality wire harnesses using advanced production and test equipment. Our precision custom wire harnesses will meet or exceed your requirements for aerospace, military, Mil-Spec, electronic, and other industry OEM wire harness and commercial requirements.

Our wire harnesses provide several advantages over loose wires and cables. By binding many wires and cables into a wire harness, the wires and cables can be better secured against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions, and moisture and by constricting the wires into a non-flexing bundle, usage of space is optimized, and the risk of a short is decreased. In addition binding the wires into a flame-retardant sleeve also lowers the risk of electrical fires.

The wire harnesses we produce can range from being a few inches long with a couple of wires and simple terminals to several feet long with a variety of faston/quick disconnects, multi-pin connectors, terminal blocks and other specialty connectors. We use automated, high-speed cutting, stripping and crimping processes whenever possible. These automated processes improve process repeatability, increasing the overall quality of our wire harness products. When appropriate, we also employ Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques to ensure our processes remain in control.

Whether you have a small or large production run we always use quality materials and provide competitive pricing. Our products are used in a diverse number of applications worldwide; we have the knowledge, equipment and capabilities to match your requirements.

Assembly Masters is proud of its track record of exceeding our customers' expectations with quality assurance, diverse manufacturing, flexible scheduling and on-time delivery. We offer built-to-spec products that precisely meet your needs. RoHS compliant products are available as required.

Contact us today for competitively priced and quality driven custom wiring harnesses.

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