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Power Cables

Assembly Masters is proud to be a major supplier of formed power cables for companies that manufacture meter equipment, electrical enclosures, residential and commercial sockets, and power distribution boxes.

Our formed cables fit directly into your applications, with wire sizes from 10 AWG solid to 4/0 stranded, insulated and uninsulated wires – both round and flat.

We are also your premier contract manufacturing resource for power and high-current conductors intended for severe, rugged environments. We provide a complete range of cable sizes 8 AWG to 4/0 for commercial, industrial, and aerospace applications.

Our automated cable processing equipment is capable of producing cables with a maximum outside diameter of 1¼ inches. From 6 inches to hundreds of feet long.

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Yes we are open and manufacturing cables and assemblies at full capacity during the Coronavirus. Is your foreign manufacturer letting you down? Let us help you with Made In the U.S.A. manufacturing capabilities.