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Toroidal Inductors

Assembly Masters manufactures quality toroidal inductors, pot cores and common-mode chokes in a wide range of features and core options.

Toridal Inductors
We work closely with our customers to understand each one’s individual requirements, because our commitment to long-term relationships goes hand-in-hand with delivering technically excellent products.

Assembly Masters’ toroidal inductors can be provided in quantities from small to large volumes.

When you contact us with your design, we will discuss with you the following capabilities, and more!
  • Minimum ID .180 Inch
  • Maximum OD 17 Inches
  • Minimum wire size 36 AWG
  • Maximum wire size 9 AWG or Bifilar 10 AWG
  • Maximum coil height 7 Inches
  • Tape width 5/16 to 1 Inch
  • Lead dressing to fit your requirements
  • Core options
    • Iron Powder
    • Ferrite
    • Silicon Steel
  • Mounting options
    • Through hole
    • Surface mount

Industries Served for Toroidal Inductors

  • Audio
  • Broadcast
  • Computer
  • Electromechanical
  • Electronic
  • Telecommunication
Toroidal Inductor
Toroidal Inductor
Toroidal Inductor
Toroidal Inductor
Toroidal Inductor
Toroidal Inductor
Toroidal Inductor
Toroidal Inductor

Committed to High-Quality Components

Assembly Masters is committed to producing high-quality toroidal inductors

Partnering with manufacturers of high-quality components, our long-term dedicated employees are excellent at their craft, providing superior components built to our customers' specifications.

Quality Assurance, Diverse Manufacturing, & On-Time Delivery!

At Assembly Masters, we are proud of our track record of exceeding our customers' expectations with quality assurance, diverse manufacturing, and on-time delivery since 2000.

RoHS CompliantWe offer built-to-spec products that precisely meet your needs. RoHS compliant products are available as required.
  • High return on investment
  • Reduced inventory investment
  • Lower inventory risk
  • Reduced space and labor
From the Midwest, across the Americas, and worldwide, our manufacturing has earned a reputation for consistency and superior quality in our products. Bring us your design, and let us show you what we can do!

To learn more about our toroidal inductors, pot cores and common-mode chokes, contact the professionals at Assembly Masters or call (574) 293-9026.

Competitively priced, quality-driven toroidal inductors, pot cores and common-mode chokes.

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